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For the last three years Alokparna has been extending and rediscovering herself in many creative works.. mainly working in Dance and Acitng Projects..

In production Durgeshnandini of Sri Tarun Majumdar...acted and danced in the role of Queen Urmila...

Dance Drama: Shaapmochon
Direction: Koushik Chakraborty
Dance Drama: Mayar Khyala
Direction: Dipanjan Bakshi
In production Ichchemoti Toke..directed by Sri Kohinoor Sen Barat..

KATHAK ODISSI DUET by Alokparna Guha and Nandini Ghosal

has been composed with the aim of bringing out the similarities and differences between both these beautiful Indian classical danceforms.

There are three parts –

SURYA, the Sun, is the source of all light, energy and life. The Sun god blesses us with both hands which are like the blood red lotus. Bedecked with ornaments, the jewel in his crown announces the day. The dancers pray to the three- eyed god, the son of saint Kashyap who is as bright as Lord Brahma and as powerful as Lord Vishnu, to dispel all darkness.

TARANA-PALLAVI is a pure dance or shuddha nritta. This rhythmic piece begins with the characteristic bol, laykari and tarana of Kathak. It merges into the Pallavi of Odissi depicting its sculpturesque postures or bhangis. Both dancers then dance to the same tune rising to a crescendo in the sawal jawab.

RADHA and MEERA , the two women in love with Krishna meet as if across the several centuries that separate them. Radha in search of Krishna finds him in Meera’s temple. Meera pours out her devotion in her description of the dark god asking him to reside in her eyes. Radha is mesmerized by Krishna and delves into the past reminiscising how gazing into Krishna’s eyes had tainted her dark. When Meera recognizes Radha she is ecstatic. Radha, however, does not know Meera and becomes very jealous realizing her love for Krishna. She even blames Krishna for having found another woman. Meera picks up the garland that she has strung with her own hands asking Radha to put it around Krishna’s neck thus uniting Radha and Krishna. Radha is stunned by Meera’s selfless, unconditional love and devotion for Krishna. She realizes that love for the Lord is universal. She asks Meera to decorate Krishna with the sandalwood paste she has made.The two women though very different unite in their love for Krishna.

Choreography- Nandini and Alokparna

Music- Sunando


Kathak odissi duet with Nandini Ghosal..


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