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Alokparna is an accepted young performer in the region of Kathak Dance. She started her training at the tender age of five. After her initial training from Sri Pradipta Neogi, she has gone through the long rigorous ‘riyaz’ under the tutelage of the Kathak exponent Dr. Malabika Mitra. She has imbibed within herself gthe essence of two prominent gharanas of Kathak-‘Jaipur’ and ‘Lucknow’. The vigour of Jaipur and the soft delicacy of Lucknow are immaculately blended in her performance.

Alokparna is a Senior Diploma holder from Prayag Sangeet Siksha Samity(Allahabad). She has got the Gold Medal from the Society of Rabindra Bharati University. Calcutta Television is also an arena of her occasional performances.Conoisseurs have wholeheartedly praised her performances in both home and abroad.Some of the major conferences where she has given her performances are-
  • Bhubaneshwar Music Circle.
  • Kathak Utsav by Delhi Kathak Kendra.
  • Concert by Kalaprakash,Benaras.
  • Haldia Music Circle.
  • Annual Concert of Prayaag Sangeet Samity Allahabad.
  • Serampur Sangeet Samaj.
  • Nikhil Banerjee Memorial Music Conference.
  • Keramatullah Khan Music Conference.
  • Saptasur Music Conference.
  • Konark Dance Festival.
  • 10th Rastriya Kala Mela by Lalit Kala Academy.
  • Concert arranged by I.C.C.R. & Birla Academy of Art & Culture.
  • Uday Shankar Dance Festival.
  • Swarn Nritya Prtibha Festival by Sangeet Natak Academy.
  • Annual connference of Payaag Sangeet Samity.
  • World Dance Day of Patna Sangeet Natak Academy.
  • Lecture Performance series if IRCEN.
  • Guru Purnima Fest in Patna.

And many others.

Alokparna has received high applause in many Festivals and Concerts outside India.

Some of them are-

  • Concert in Canden Centre,London,U.K.
  • Concert  by South Asian Cultural Society, Essex.
  • Overseas Women Association, Buckinghampshire.
  • Leicester Probashi, Leicester.
  • Festival of South Asian Music and Dance, Birmingham.
  • Harbourfront Centre,Toronto,Canada.
  • Cpncert by Indian Classical Music and Dance Society,Winnipeg,Canada.
  • Sarathi Classical Dance Group,Toronto.
  • Srutilaya Music and Dance Academy, Toronto.
  • Festival De Dansa, Barcelona, Spain.

And many more.

Her many-facet activities in the field of Kathak includes-


  • Giving solo Kathak dance recitals both nationally and internationally.
  • Teaching Kathak-Conducting workshops and lecture demonstrations-Classes on both technical and       
      expressional aspects of Kathak.
  • Involved in choreographical work with many dance groups.

Besides her expertise in dance, she has also excelled in academics by obtaining a master degree in English literature. However, she has infused all her academic education for her mission of performing and spreading Kathak Dance.


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